106: Homemade Pizza, Packing Lunch, Brine Street Picklery

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Thanks for joining us for today’s episode so soon after the long Labor Day weekend!

On this week’s show we reacted to the recent New York Times article, My Dinner with Longevity Expert Dan Buettner

We returned to an already familiar topic for us: Pizza. Specifically, we discuss how to make homemade pizza easy and convenient. Joy explains her “Pizza System” and Marisa tells you how to use pizza night to clean out the crisper and eat more vegetables.

As promised, here’s Joy’s pizza dough recipe taped to her KitchenAid.

Marisa strongly recommends this free online class from Craftsy, Perfect Pizza at Home with Peter Reinhart.

While we were discussing the art and craft of the packed lunch, whether for school or for work, Marisa mentioned one of her favorite ingredients from childhood: Toby’s Tofu Paté.

It’s not available on the East Coast, but Joy found a delicious looking recipe for a homemade version, and she’s going to test it out soon to see if she likes it, too.

Our guest  is PJ Hopkins, of Brine Street Picklery. (If you like things spicy, try their Hoagie Relish.)

In our At the Market segment, we discussed buying local, pastured pork from Philadelphia Cow (and Pig) Share. Joy bought a quarter pig after reading Pig Tales by Barry Estabrook.

It’s a book you might like, too.

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Episode 103: No Cook Meals, Carbs and Your Health, Madame Fromage

Our guest, Tenaya Darlington aka Madame Fromage
Our guest, Tenaya Darlington aka Madame Fromage

First up in episode three, we talked over a recent Washington Post story about the common (and controversial) practice of working in coffee shops. (Do you have opinions? We’d love to hear them in the comments here.)

Marisa explained that she enjoys working at Nook and Good Karma Cafe and shares her tips on being courteous about it. Joy can’t get much writing or editing done in cafes, but she does have a lot of meetings at Chhaya. Share your favorite spots with good coffee and strong wifi in the comments.

Next we tackled no cook meals. Listen for all the great tips, but a couple recipes we mentioned were this one for Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup and this one for Veggie Nori Rolls.

With several recent studies on the topic of carbs and health in the news, we shared our approaches to eating the starchy stuff. It turns out we both love one particular low carb recipe–Green Chicken from Nom Nom Paleo.

This conversation may have backfired: just talking about it made us hungry for our favorite breads (from High Street on Market) and pasta (from Zeppoli restaurant).

Our interview this week features Tenaya Darlington, whose blog Madame Fromage is a cheese-lover’s dream. If you enjoy what she had to say us, buy her first book, Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, and pre-order her second, The Modern Cocktailer.

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Episode 102: Entree Salads, Immersion Blenders, and Joe Beddia

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Photo courtesy of Joe Beddia’s instagram, @pizzacamp

Onward to our second episode! Here are some of the things we talked over:

The LA Times published a story about recipes (Is Recipe Testing a Vanishing Art?), which piqued our interest given that we both develop recipes professionally. For the most tested and trustworthy recipes, Joy suggests investing in a Cook’s Illustrated membership, while Marisa likes Smitten Kitchen–especially for the blondies.

We recorded this one in the middle of a heat wave, and no-cook dinners were on both our minds. We swapped tips on entree salads. Here’s more about that shredded salad Marisa mentioned. And here are a few more salad tips (plus a vinaigrette recipe) from Joy.

Here’s the recipe (and video) that helped Joy master making mayonnaise with an immersion blender. (Public service announcement: Always unplug before even thinking about touching those blades!)

We talked to Joe Beddia about how he is feeling in the wake of his Pizzeria Beddia being named best pizza shop in America by Bon Appetit magazine. You will definitely want to hear his tips on making pizza at home.

Marisa sang the praises of local cantaloupes, and here’s her recipe for the jam she described.

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Episode 101: Turkey Burgers, Dry July, and Peggy Paul Casella on Homemade Pizza

turkey burger plate

Welcome to the first episode of Local Mouthful, a podcast devoted to the food life in Philadelphia and beyond. Here’s what we talked about in this inaugural episode.

Local pizza shop Pizzeria Beddia being named the best pizza in America by Bon Appetit.

Turkey burgers and our love of this dinnertime staple.

Joy’s endeavors to have a “Dry July.”

We had a chat with local food blogger and freelance cookbook editor Peggy Paul Casella, about her blog Thursday Night Pizza.

Finally, we dished about to do with the corn we’re seeing at our area farmers markets.

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