Episode 115: All About Thanksgiving


In advance of every home cook’s favorite holiday, we talked over every aspect of Thanksgiving.

We started, naturally, with planning and strategy–how far out do we start thinking it through? What do we do in advance? What are the key Thanksgiving organization tools?

Appetizers or no appetizers? Should we start with soup? That is the question. One of Joy’s favorite holiday recipes is these Sausage Potato Puffs.

We talked turkey: Both Joy and Marisa ordered their birds via Fair Food Farmstand. (Philly listeners can still pre-order their very own by clicking here.) We also address brining methods (wet or dry?) and whether to roast the turkey whole. One of us stuffs the turkey with stuffing; one of us does not.

We review all the sides we must have–some from childhood, some we’ve adopted later in our lives. Marisa is especially fond of these vanilla mashed sweet potatoes from the blog 101 Cookbooks. Joy swears by the Cook’s Illustrated Classic Bread Stuffing for a Crowd.

Gravy. Like everyone, we love gravy. Joy makes Mark Bittman’s Make Ahead Turkey Gravy every year.

Check out Marisa’s astounding canned cranberry fake out recipe for the people in your lives who can’t kick the can.

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