Episode 109: Winter Squash, Slow Cookers, and ReAnimator Coffee


Finally, there’s a fall feeling in the air here in Philadelphia, and today’s episode covers some seasonally appropriate topics. But first, we chat about the fact that recalls on organic food seem to be up, according to this story in the New York Times.

At last, we are ready for some wonderful winter squash!!! We’ve got ideas for hubbard, red kuri, acorn, butternut and our very favorite: delicata. Look how many delicatas Joy bought this Sunday:


We also dusted off our slow cookers, the perfect appliance for many cool-weather classics, like stews. But we use them (Marisa owns four!) for all kinds of things, especially beans, whole chickens, sweet potatoes, chicken thighs, steel cut oats, caramelized onions. We love it all.

Mark Capriotti co-owner of ReAnimator Coffee, tells us all about his business and explains “relationship coffee.”

Finally, Marisa unraveled the alluring mystery of Italian Prune Plums.

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