Episode 113: Travel Special!

An amazing double cheeseburger with a heap of homemade pickles from Pullman in Iowa City

In this special episode we set aside our usual format to talk about three recent travel destinations.

Last month, we visited the annual Natural Products Expo East together. Marisa had been before, but it was Joy’s first time to this enormous industry-only trade show. You’ll need to listen to the episode for our specific favorite items there, but here are some of the broad trends we saw there and dissect in this episode:

  • Meat sticks
  • Gluten free everything (We found one pasta we loved!)
  • Paleo baked goods (Should these even exist?)
  • Broccoli leaves/greens
  • Fermented things
  • Coffee kombucha
  • Camel milk (Yes, we tasted it.)
  • Crickets (Just one of us tasted it.)
  • Sea snacks
  • Bone broths (Really good ones!)
  • Jack fruit as meat substitutes

During her recent visit to Pittsburgh, Marisa fell in love with the Beans & Greens at Legends of the North Shore. She liked it so much that when she returned, she scoured the internet to find the recipe for this surprising dish. Here’s the recipe Marisa found.

She also enjoyed Max’s Allegheny Tavern and Pamela’s Diner, both for breakfast.

In Iowa City, Joy love the double cheese burger at Pullman’s Bar & Diner and her rye old fashioned at Clinton Street Social Club. Another highlight was Devotay‘s crispy poached egg.

Joy had an unplanned layover in the Atlanta airport, but enjoying a midday meal at One Flew South (highly recommended: the lentil soup) made the mishap all better.

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