Episode 114: Apples, Sauces, and Erica Strauss


In today’s show we kicked off with some apple talk, covering our favorite apple varieties. We also discussed using apples in salad as well as cooking and baking with this fall fruit, too.

We shared our strategies for when kitchen inspiration fails us–which it often does.

Here’s that meatloaf recipe Joy mentioned and a link to the wonderful cookbook Mastering Sauces by Susan Voland that Marisa has been enjoying.

Here’s the “Yummy Sauce” Alana Chernila that Marisa mentioned.

This episode’s interview was with writer Erica Strauss of the blog Northwest Edible Life and book The Hands-On Home.

And finally, we talked about the virtues of eggs for dinner.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 114: Apples, Sauces, and Erica Strauss”

  1. That meatloaf recipe, by the wonderful Ian Knauer, is one of my top ten recipes *in any genre.* It is outstanding. I love to make it on a hotel pan (free-form) but also in one of my biiiig cast iron skillets.

  2. eggs for dinner. A frittata recipe you must try. Supersized skillet souffle from Cathy Barrow. Mrs. Wheelbarrow blog. Delicious, visually beautiful, a little involved but totally worth it.

  3. You both mention blog posts where you share some of you favorite dinners/meals that you have made and find yourself going back to when you need inspiration. Can you share links to these? Thanks!

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