Episode 111: Pumpkin Spice, Nonstick Cookware, Making Dinner with Molly Watson

Molly Watson
Food writer and cookbook author, Molly Watson

It’s October now, and pumpkins are on our brains (and our tables) this episode.

Starbucks added real pumpkin puree to its pumpkin spice lattes. We discuss. Did you know there’s such a thing as pumpkin spice Oreos?

Fall = potluck season. We talk about our past potluck experience (Marisa’s, extensive; Joy’s less so), favorite dishes, and the unspoken rules and regs of the potluck table.

Nonstick cookware. Yes or no? We are both users of teflon, though our feelings are indeed mixed. To get Marisa’s specific brand recommendation, well, you’ll need to listen to the show ūüôā

Marisa visited food writer and cookbook author Molly Watson in San Francisco and the pair talked about her time in the Sunset¬†test kitchen, solving the “dinner problem” with¬†Munchery, and¬†her story about home cooking that will appear in this year’s Best Food Writing. We love her latest book Greens¬†&¬†Grains.

At her farmer’s¬†market, Marisa is scooping up all the heirloom type pumpkins while Joy cooks with pumpkin out of the can. Here’s that Ruth Reichl pumpkin recipe we talk about.

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