Local Mouthful 381: Year End Round Up

Hi friends! Here’s our last episode for the year. In it, we talk about some of our favorite things from the past year, including recipes, cookbooks, and moments in time. 

This will be our last episode for a little while. Like so many right now, we’re a bit burnt out and need to take a break. We’ll be having one last Patreon chat for members on Sunday and after that, the best way to keep up to date is by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Instagram (Joy | Marisa). 

Happy holidays! 

4 thoughts on “Local Mouthful 381: Year End Round Up”

  1. I just left a comment on your most recent Instagram post but wanted to be sure to thank you here. I so appreciate what you’ve shared via the podcast and do hope you can get back to it some day. But, I completely understand that circumstances change and that may not be possible. THANK YOU so much for sharing over these last several years. Hugs to both of you…

  2. I hope you’re both able to get some rest and rejuvenation time. Selfishly, I really hope you’ll be back! Your podcast has been a bright spot each week, so thank you

  3. I wish you both best wishes in the new year! I also selfishly hope you both will be back with new episodes someday. I will be listening to old episodes to keep me going 🙂

  4. Just realized that I spaced on the final Patreon chat. Bummer! Thank you both for many happy hours of listening. I appreciated so many things you talked about, but right now I am really happy you talked about freezing kale. I can never use it all, and now I have a ready supply in the freezer whenever I need to green something up a bit. Game changer!

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