106: Homemade Pizza, Packing Lunch, Brine Street Picklery

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Thanks for joining us for today’s episode so soon after the long Labor Day weekend!

On this week’s show we reacted to the recent New York Times article, My Dinner with Longevity Expert Dan Buettner

We returned to an already familiar topic for us: Pizza. Specifically, we discuss how to make homemade pizza easy and convenient. Joy explains her “Pizza System” and Marisa tells you how to use pizza night to clean out the crisper and eat more vegetables.

As promised, here’s Joy’s pizza dough recipe taped to her KitchenAid.

Marisa strongly recommends this free online class from Craftsy, Perfect Pizza at Home with Peter Reinhart.

While we were discussing the art and craft of the packed lunch, whether for school or for work, Marisa mentioned one of her favorite ingredients from childhood: Toby’s Tofu Paté.

It’s not available on the East Coast, but Joy found a delicious looking recipe for a homemade version, and she’s going to test it out soon to see if she likes it, too.

Our guest  is PJ Hopkins, of Brine Street Picklery. (If you like things spicy, try their Hoagie Relish.)

In our At the Market segment, we discussed buying local, pastured pork from Philadelphia Cow (and Pig) Share. Joy bought a quarter pig after reading Pig Tales by Barry Estabrook.

It’s a book you might like, too.

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