Episode 112: Tacos, Olive Oil, and Tea with Alexis Siemons

Tea maven Alexis Siemons


Something we read: is cabbage the new kale? Smoked, fermented, slow cooked, braised, stuffed and salad-ified. We don’t think cabbage was ever out of the limelight in our kitchens.

Tacos are a many splendored thing, and we talked all aspects of the classic: fillings, shells, salads, toppings. Sometimes we make them at home and sometimes we go out to eat them.

sassy bertolli bottle

The first installment in our new series on cooking fats is dedicated to: Olive oil! Marisa went to a tasting seminar this year and lays down some serious know-how about how to taste and choose the extra-virgin kind. Joy tells you her favorite fancy finishing oil.

Rainbow chard–it’s the vegetable Joy loves but cannot remember how to pronounce! We talk about the key to loving this nutrition powerhouse and all the ways we like to cook chard.

rainbow chard

An finally, our echo-y interview with Alexis Siemons. You should go and check out her blog. Do you have a special tea lover in your life? Consider ordering Alexis’ beautiful With Tea journal. It comes wrapped in a vintage handkerchief.

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