Episode 110: Vegetable Soups, Kitchen Towels, Carolyn Alburger

Today’s guest: Carolyn Alburger, Eater.com’s cities editor

Did you know there’s a nifty, new Thermapen? And it costs a hefty $99? Russ Parsons sung its praises in the LA Times and it made us want to talk about all the kitchen thermometers we’ve ever used.

Soup’s on! Fall is here and we both love to make it. In today’s show, we talk all about our favorite vegetable soups, sneaky vegan subs for dairy, and all the good garnishes.

Kitchen towels are another theme we tackled today. It was a surprisingly animated and opinionated conversation!

For our interview, we talked to Carolyn Alburger, Eater.com’s cities editor. She dished with us on food trends across the country and told us about Eater’s “Future Week.” You should  follow her on twitter.

We wrapped the show up with some talk about mushrooms–exotic ones, to be precise.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 110: Vegetable Soups, Kitchen Towels, Carolyn Alburger”

  1. I keep two types of towels: one pile of flotsam to use for anything — hand towels, wipe spills, messes, etc., and a second, much smaller pile of linen cotton blend. I love linen and I love all cotton, but I learned when I rented an apt in Florence that the blend is the best of all worlds!

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