Episode 252: Yogurt Flatbreads, Nearly Meatless Meatballs, and Thanksgiving Prep

In food news, we chatted about how Weight Watchers has rebranded as WW in an attempt to move out of the diet space and into the health and wellness one.

In our “What’s for Dinner” segment, we talk about the yogurt flatbreads from the new Milk Street Tuesday Nights cookbook. They are excellent, as is the entire book.

In our “How’d You Make That?” segment, Joy talks us through the batch of meatballs she made recently that contained nearly no meat, but were entirely delicious.

Next, we talked about some of the little things you can start doing now to help get yourself ready for Thanksgiving (we realize it’s six weeks away, but a little prep now will prevent madness come November).

And in What We’re Loving this week, we share our mutual love of plastic deli containers.

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Deli containers

Episode 242: Pulled Chicken, Panzanella, and the Fancy Food Show

The Kitchn has rounded up 100 of their favorite groceries and we are here for it.

In our How Do You Make That? segment, Marisa talks you through how to make pulled chicken thighs in the slow cooker or Instant Pot.

What’s For Dinner? Joy suggests a big bowl of panzanella! It’s the perfect thing for hot nights, when you can’t bear to turn on the stove.

Marisa reports back on her trip to the summer Fancy Food Show.

In What We’re Digging, Joy tells us about the Sunbuns from the Lost Bread Co.

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Episode 241: Metropolitan Cafe Pizza, Rosemary Chicken Wings, and Crab Gravy

This week in food news, Honest Tom’s Taco Shop is going vegan. It’s now called Honest Tom’s Plant Based Taco Shop. There was some pushback from the community.

Marisa went to a pizza preview at the Metropolitan Cafe and reports in on what she tasted!

In What’s For Dinner, we talk you through how to make rosemary chicken wings that can either be cooked under the broiler or on the grill.

Joy talks with Adam Erace about his piece in Taste about his family’s tradition of making crab gravy.

Joy has found a winner in her grocery store veggie burger search. The verdict? Amy’s California Style Veggie Burgers are the best!

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Resolution Recipes

Happy New Year, dear listeners! We hope that this fresh, new year treats you all gently and deliciously. To help with the delicious part, we’ve put together a short digital cookbook that we’re calling Resolution Recipes.

This 12 recipe publication is bursting with tasty plant-based dishes designed to help you eat well throughout 2018. These are some of our basic recipes that we make on Saturday or Sunday so that we can make good, healthy choices throughout the week. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

We’re selling this publication for $5. Click here to buy.

Join the Local Mouthful Joy of Cooking Potluck Club

Next potluck is Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 5 pm! 

Announcing the Local Mouthful Joy of Cooking Potluck Club!

If you’ve listened to the podcast for any length of time, you may have heard us mention our desire to start a cookbook club. We love the idea of gathering with fellow food lovers to share collaborative, homemade meal.

This spring, we’re finally doing it and we’ve decided for at the first year (and perhaps longer), it will be a Joy of Cooking-centric potluck club. Nearly everyone we know has a copy in or near their kitchen and while many of us turn to it for reference, we rarely come even close to scratching its surface.

Our hope is that this potluck club will help us build community, celebrate home cooking, and explore a treasured cookbook. To that end, there won’t be a lot of rules or exclusions. We encourage you to cook from whichever edition you happen to have.

Here in the Philadelphia area, we’ll gather on a quarterly basis to share a meal and our latest favorites from the JOC. For those of you who are further flung, you can still participate by cooking along with us and sharing your successes and frustrations via our Local Mouthful Facebook Group and by starting your own LM/JOC potluck group.

We’ll also be offering up some JOC content on the podcast itself. You can expect interviews with John Becker and Megan Scott (the JOC family members currently working on the next edition of the book), as well as opportunities to test unprinted recipes from that upcoming edition.

If you think you’d like to participate in the LM/JOC potluck club, please use the form below to sign up. We’ll be in touch soon regarding dates!

149: Plant-based Burgers, Meal Kits, and Hot Weather Cooking

A plate of farro, kale, pork chop, and fig compote.
One of the Blue Apron meals that Marisa’s husband Scott made the week they tried it.

This week, we kick things off with a conversation about plant-based burgers that are designed and engineered to mimic meat. Joy had an opportunity to taste one of these burgers recently and didn’t find that it measured up.

Next, we chatted about the meal kit trend and our perspectives on them. Do you subscribe to one? What do you think?

Recommended recipe! In this new occasional segment, we tell you about a new-to-us recipe that we think is worth making. First one up is this marinated celery recipe that Joy has made several times lately.

After that, we shared our methods for keeping cool in the kitchen when the weather gets steamy. Suggestions include. cooking early in the day, heading outside, using your slow cooker, batch cooking, and relying more on ready-made proteins that you can buy at the grocery store and then assemble into a meal.

And finally, in our At The Market section, we dished on summer squash. Make sure to try Marisa’s zucchini butter and zucchini pickles!

Episode 144: Intentional Leftovers, Picnics, and Cookbook Club Changes

A dish of leftover roasted cauliflower with yogurt and toasted cashews.
Repurposed cauliflower leftovers.

For our food news segment, we talked about this piece that ran in the LA Times recently, about recipe testing, test kitchens, and all those recipes floating out there on the internet.

We talked about the art of intentional leftovers. This can be as simple as a pot of soup designed to last a couple of nights, or those nights when you cook some elements that will get transformed in future meals.

With summer nearly here, we shared our picnic tips and confessed that we fantasize about picnicking more often than we actually picnic.

At the start of the year we launched a Cookbook Club and after nearly six months in, we’ve discovered that one book a month is too much for us. From here on out, we’re going to feature one book every two months. This leaves us with just three books left for 2016, which will be My Kitchen in Rome (summer), Vegetable Literacy (fall), Choosing Sides (holidays).

Finally, we talked about strawberries (which are finally in season) and shared some of our favorite things to do with the sweet berries.

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Episode 102: Entree Salads, Immersion Blenders, and Joe Beddia

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.40.50 PM
Photo courtesy of Joe Beddia’s instagram, @pizzacamp

Onward to our second episode! Here are some of the things we talked over:

The LA Times published a story about recipes (Is Recipe Testing a Vanishing Art?), which piqued our interest given that we both develop recipes professionally. For the most tested and trustworthy recipes, Joy suggests investing in a Cook’s Illustrated membership, while Marisa likes Smitten Kitchen–especially for the blondies.

We recorded this one in the middle of a heat wave, and no-cook dinners were on both our minds. We swapped tips on entree salads. Here’s more about that shredded salad Marisa mentioned. And here are a few more salad tips (plus a vinaigrette recipe) from Joy.

Here’s the recipe (and video) that helped Joy master making mayonnaise with an immersion blender. (Public service announcement: Always unplug before even thinking about touching those blades!)

We talked to Joe Beddia about how he is feeling in the wake of his Pizzeria Beddia being named best pizza shop in America by Bon Appetit magazine. You will definitely want to hear his tips on making pizza at home.

Marisa sang the praises of local cantaloupes, and here’s her recipe for the jam she described.

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Episode 101: Turkey Burgers, Dry July, and Peggy Paul Casella on Homemade Pizza

turkey burger plate

Welcome to the first episode of Local Mouthful, a podcast devoted to the food life in Philadelphia and beyond. Here’s what we talked about in this inaugural episode.

Local pizza shop Pizzeria Beddia being named the best pizza in America by Bon Appetit.

Turkey burgers and our love of this dinnertime staple.

Joy’s endeavors to have a “Dry July.”

We had a chat with local food blogger and freelance cookbook editor Peggy Paul Casella, about her blog Thursday Night Pizza.

Finally, we dished about to do with the corn we’re seeing at our area farmers markets.

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