149: Plant-based Burgers, Meal Kits, and Hot Weather Cooking

A plate of farro, kale, pork chop, and fig compote.
One of the Blue Apron meals that Marisa’s husband Scott made the week they tried it.

This week, we kick things off with a conversation about plant-based burgers that are designed and engineered to mimic meat. Joy had an opportunity to taste one of these burgers recently and didn’t find that it measured up.

Next, we chatted about the meal kit trend and our perspectives on them. Do you subscribe to one? What do you think?

Recommended recipe! In this new occasional segment, we tell you about a new-to-us recipe that we think is worth making. First one up is this marinated celery recipe that Joy has made several times lately.

After that, we shared our methods for keeping cool in the kitchen when the weather gets steamy. Suggestions include. cooking early in the day, heading outside, using your slow cooker, batch cooking, and relying more on ready-made proteins that you can buy at the grocery store and then assemble into a meal.

And finally, in our At The Market section, we dished on summer squash. Make sure to try Marisa’s zucchini butter and zucchini pickles!

4 thoughts on “149: Plant-based Burgers, Meal Kits, and Hot Weather Cooking”

  1. I read about that burger and it did not appeal to me in the slightest. As a vegetarian, the last thing I am looking for in my food is for it to replicate the taste, texture, etc of a food I gave up for a reason. That one confuses me.

    I like the new segment idea! Great idea!

    You guys got me excited about summer squash. I never feel like I know what to do with it, but you gave me some fresh ideas. Thanks!!!

  2. I’m a Harrisburg, PA faithful listener to your podcast & just love it! Especially appreciated is the connection to Philly since I lived in Center City for several years, although many years ago now. Also, I’m a home cook & love to prepare seasonal dishes, mostly what comes in my weekly CSA box.
    You asked for cool summertime favorite recipes & one of mine is “Chilled Tomato & Stone Fruit Soup” from Bon Appetit magazine August 2013. It incorporates all the upcoming fresh produce like: tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches & cherries. It’s delicious & refreshing!
    Also – I want to thank you for mentioning how pleased you were with the OXO spiralizer! I bought one & use it for zucchini & cucumbers! Love making Zoodles!
    I always eagerly await your next installments! Thanks!

  3. One of my favorite no-cook summer recipes is a zucchini-tomato salad that I just call “vegan caprese.” You slice the zucchini into rounds and salt them to extract moisture. Then you pat them dry, arrange them on a plate, then top with sliced tomatoes of about the same size. Drizzle with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper, and top everything with a generous amount of fresh basil.

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