Episode 137: Breakfast Special!

One of Marisa’s breakfast bowls.

This episode is a breakfast free-for-all.

We talk, among other things, about:

  • Weekday versus weekend breakfasts
  • Marisa’s obsession with vintage waffle irons
  • Joy’s fast food exemption
  • Eggs, all the ways
  • Oats and oat toppings
  • Joy and Marisa face off over whose whole grain pancakes are hippy-er
  • Joy explains the new system of maple syrup grades
  • Granola and other cereals
  • Smoothies

11 thoughts on “Episode 137: Breakfast Special!”

  1. This has been my favorite episode so far! You must check out The Kitchn for their recipe on overnight steel cut oats. It’s incredibly easy and the texture is lovely. I do this with some regularity and the whole family loves it!
    Also, last year in Tokyo (we live in Japan), I had an amazing vegetarian sandwich that had sauerkraut and avocado. It would be great on toast with egg for breakfast.

  2. As a California girl, breakfast burritos are my fave, but I’ve yet to find one in Philly I’m crazy about. Tortillas are the ultimate mechanism for conveying eggs! Mexican breakfast dishes in general are wonderful – I love the way a hot salsa goes with coffee.

    BTW Southgate (18th & Lombard) just opened for brunch this weekend – they have kimchi deviled eggs, kimchi poutine, and Korean fried chicken + green tea waffles. Worth checking out!

    Thanks for the explanation on the new maple syrup grades – as a former grade “B” fan, this helps me know what to look for now.

    Also, totally agree on the fast food exemption for breakfast. When I lived in Taiwan, McDonald’s breakfast was so comforting when I just wanted a simple egg + biscuit.

    1. The only breakfast burrito in Philly that I’ve ever found even a bit satisfying is the one that Sabrina’s serves. I think they call it the Barking Chihuahua. And we’ll have to check out Southgate, it sounds delicious!

  3. OMG I love breakfast foods! Great episode – I loved it!

    I am a peanut butter on oatmeal girl all the way. I also love pumpkin in my oatmeal. I make a week’s worth of oatmeal at a time and reheat with a little bit of milk too! Although I use rolled oats vs steel cut, but I have been meaning to give steel cut a try.

    The only one I can’t get behind is smoothies, I never feel satiated without chewing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Megan! So glad you liked it! I hear you on pumpkin in oatmeal, that’s such a delicious combo. You’ve got to try steel cut oats. They’re so satisfyingly nutty!

  4. I seriously enjoyed this episode! one of my faves so far!! As a fellow fan of the morning meal (as well as brunch), to hear you both describe the perfect hard boiled egg and over medium egg was captivating.

    As someone who has recently written about cooking the perfect basted egg, and the differences in oatmeal styles on my blog (thebreakfastgrubguy.com), I can’t wait to hear more shows like this in the future!!

    1. Thanks so much, James! We’re delighted you liked it. And we both are endlessly fascinated by eggs, so we’ll definitely head over and read about your perfect basted eggs!

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