Episode 332: Soy Curls, Soup Season, and Breakfast

In our news segement this week, some announcements. Please make sure you are registered to vote and doing whatever else you can in terms of donating time and money for candidates you believe in this November. Check out IWillVote.org for resources.

Also, Joy is co-leading a Sober October program. Learn more here.

In our What’s for Dinner Segment this week, we’ve got soy curls.

In Our How’d You Make That? It’s soup time again.

We also revisit the hot topic of breakfast this week. (Looking for our 2016 breakfast special episode? Find it here.)

And in What We’re Loving, it’s Calabrian chili paste.

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10 thoughts on “Episode 332: Soy Curls, Soup Season, and Breakfast”

  1. We look forward to listening each week in Adelaide South Australia.
    Although we should not comment on American politics it was nice to hear you endorsing Mr.Biden.
    President Obama quoted three things he liked about Australia:compulsory voting,our gun laws and healthcare system.
    Best wishes from down under.

    1. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion especially considering how increasingly global the world is. We could definitely stand to follow Australia’s example in those three areas and probably many more!

  2. I’m phone banking too, into other states as Maryland is pretty safely blue. It is so stressful for me, but I feel compelled to do whatever I can to help make sure there’s a Biden landslide. I agree that’s the only way out of this. My anxiety is through the roof. And, Joy, I really appreciated your note of support about phone banking, so thank you again!

    Soy Curls! I make a sort of sweet and sour dish for Jewish holidays that goes back a couple of generations in my family. I’ve written about it a bit, and it used to be all bits of chicken parts–gizzards, necks, wings–along with just a little flanken, but my husband and kids weren’t so into bits, so I moved it towards flanken and wings. I’m thinking of trying it with soy curls this year, though I know the sauce will lose a little richness from the meat bones. I think if I let it cook down a lot before adding the curls it might work!

    1. I am so grateful to every person working to restore our democracy and that goes double for you 🙂 Your soy curls idea sounds great. You’ll have to let me know how it goes.

  3. I feel like there’s not a ton I can do – I’m an American living abroad, so phone banking and postcard writing isn’t practical or cost efficient – other than to encourage other expats to vote and mail their ballots in ASAP. I did donate last weekend to Every Last Vote, which helps register voters: https://votesaveamerica.com/donate/

    I also voted! I mailed my ballot on Wednesday

  4. Thank you for using your platform to address the crisis-level state of affairs in our government right now! I know “food people” get a lot of flak when they deviate from the standard programming, but this is such an important topic, and not un-related to food anyway!

    I haven’t phone banked (gosh, that sounds awful. thank you for doing it) but I am writing and mailing out over 200 postcards and letters to potential voters with Moms Rising, Vote Forward, and Postcards To Swing States. I’ve also donated money to the Biden campaign, even though I really don’t have the extra funds to do so. Thankfully they take credit cards hahaha. Please lord let this awful administration be gone in 2021!!!

    Also, I love your show. It’s one of my favorite podcasts.

    1. Thank you. It is a crisis. I honestly don’t know how people are thinking about anything else. I don’t love to deviate from our food lane but as you mentioned: CRISIS. Thank you very much for writing those postcards and letters and donating (same here on donating $$ you should probably not be spending. I just started writing some letters for Vote Forward. It seems like that could really have an impact! High five.

  5. Love this podcast so much! I felt the need to comment and tell you that Kodiak makes frozen waffles too! I cook for four kids, so fresh waffles is a low priority on the list, but the kodiak ones are really good and filling, still super high in protein and fiber.

    Keep up the awesome work and stay safe!

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