147: Lunch Special!

Seed crackers, beet hummus, veggies
Seed crackers, beet hummus, veggies

Today we present the second in a series of three special episodes dedicated to mealtimes. You may remember the Breakfast Special.

Today? It’s the Lunch Special. We cover, among other things:

  • Other cultures’ lunch traditions versus ours in the USA
  • Lunch at work versus lunch at home
  • Lunches from when we were kids and for kids
  • #notasaddesklunch #never
  • Packing lunch for our husbands
  • Our current favorite lunches
  • Going out to lunch
  • Weekend lunches

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2 thoughts on “147: Lunch Special!”

  1. Oh my i was saddened by Joy’s lunches growing up! 🙁 I never liked those cracker situations.

    I have to say that lunch is by far my least favorite meal. I don’t eat meat or cheese and that eliminated sandwiches for me in the eyes of my mother. In high school I remember eating a plain salt bagel everyday with an apple and Diet Pepsi. #dontknowhowisurvived.

    These days, my lunches are typically salads, always a yogurt and always an apple. I actually can’t stand a big lunch, I feel like it throws off the rest of my day. I’m the worst. 🙂

    Great podcast as usual, guys!

  2. I just found your podcast and I love it because it sounds just like the conversations I have with my sisters about food. Sharing recipes and ideas, and just gushing about the deliciousness!

    Lunch is my mid-day fuel and treat! When I worked at an elementary school in Korea, I ate lunch with the Korean teachers. It was always rice, kimchi, a light soup, maybe some meat, and banchan (side dishes). Amazing!

    I just started working a 9-5 job and I’m packing lunch every day. It is so difficult! Lunch at home is easy because you can just throw something together or graze. But planning ahead and having something ready to be reheated is a challenge! It also can’t be something with offensive smells, like kimchi or curry 🙁

    Anyway, I really enjoy listening to you both. I feel like I’m at the table with you!

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