156: Dinner Special!

A recent dinner at Joy’s: Whole wheat penne with pork rib ragu, green salad, and wine.

Today we’re concluding our series of meal-themed specials with an episode dedicated to dinner.

Did you miss part 1 (breakfast)? Or part 2 (lunch)? You can find those here, and here.

This special episode covers:

  • Go-to dinners
  • Restaurant dinners
  • Family dinners, now and then
  • Having dinner guests
  • When is dinnertime?
  • Tables, dining and coffee
  • Weekend dinners versus weeknight dinners
  • Cooking with others
  • What we drink with dinner
  • Second helpings
  • Doing the dishes

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2 thoughts on “156: Dinner Special!”

  1. I love dinner! I also look forward to it and love the idea of making a special event every day.
    We always eat at the table, but my favorite is the table outside! I love this weather!!!

  2. Another great episode! Joy, wise words about dinner conversation with an introvert who has to interact at work all day. I’ve been (Somehow) married for 27 years still bugging him at dinner. His expression is like a deer caught in headlights. It’s hard when you are home with kids and/or work from home all day – sometimes they come home and it’s the first person you’ve actually spoken aloud to in 10 hours!

    On the other hand, dinner in front of tv if kids are involved can be a slippery slope to dinner in front of phones, iPads, etc.

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