Episode 333: Shepherd’s Pie, Eggplant Lasagna, and The Great British Baking Show

In food news this week: Tofu sales skyrocket during the pandemic, as consumers search for affordable meat alternatives by  Kristen Hartke via the Washington Post.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Marisa is having shepherd’s pie. (Here’s that Smitten Kitchen mushroom shepherd’s pie recipe Joy mentioned.)

In our How’d You Make That Segment, Kenji Lopez-Alt inspired Joy to make vegan lasagna/eggplant parm hybrid kind of casserole.

In our wildcard segment, we celebrate the return of The Great British Baking Show.

And in what we’re loving, it’s Noosh chocolate almond butter

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2 thoughts on “Episode 333: Shepherd’s Pie, Eggplant Lasagna, and The Great British Baking Show”

  1. Marisa,
    Laughing out loud that you celebrated your anniversary with steak house takeout. Our 12th wedding anniversary was on the 27th and we did the exact same thing. Since I’m trying to eat plant based I also ordered a chop salad, side of mushrooms (no butter) and fries. Not my favorite idea of a fancy takeout experience, but I enjoyed not cooking.

    I do have a tradition that I love though. We had to move before our first wedding anniversary and leave the cake topper behind (or eat it early, really) so I started making a small version of our wedding cake each year as my gift. It is a different style cake but the same flavor profile. This year I made it vegan and it was actually pretty good! It was chilling in the fridge with a crumb coating during the patreon call. (White cake, vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, lemon curd filling and toasted coconut on the outside of the cake). I was shocked at how good vegan lemon curd was and how it all turned out. And I didn’t feel gross after I ate it! Happy anniversary. Time flies.
    PS: The ratatouille cassoulet in Cool Beans is DELICIOUS and another good eggplant dish.

    1. Christy you have to tell what recipe for vegan lemon curd you used! I LOVE lemon curd and have not attempted a vegan version yet. PS Happy belated anniversary!

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