Episode 331: Peppers, Mortar and Pestle Vinaigrette, and the Pandemic Freezer


This week in food news, we’ve got: James Beard was anti-elitist. He would hate the awards that bear his name via the Washington Post.

In our What’s for Dinner? segment this week, we’ve got ideas for how to use up all those seasonal peppers this time of year.

In our How’s You Make That? segment, we’ve got mortar & pestle garlic vinaigrette.

Joy and Marisa share what’s going on with their freezers in the pandemic era.

And in What We’re Loving this week, it’s Woodstock Organic Peanut Butter.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 331: Peppers, Mortar and Pestle Vinaigrette, and the Pandemic Freezer”

    1. Hi Tom:

      There are probably vendors that are just as good, what I like about the Wakefield peanuts is that they are spin-blanched, meaning they remove the skins with physical agitation and not by cooking them. So they’re more ‘raw’. However, they are not organic, so if you can find a farm selling raw, organic, shelled, spin-blanched peanuts, let me know..

  1. Dear Joy and Marisa,
    It’s always a joy listening to your podcast! It sounds like talking with my sister. We both LOVE food, and our parents brought us up to be great home cooks. She eats plant based, we’re both non-dairy (except I cant give up butter, because…butter!), and I love to can (and I have twins!). All of our conversations revolve around food- what we made recently, and things that we could enjoy together. Thank you for giving us one more food-obsessed thing to enjoy together!
    PS. I made fajitas with soy curls last week after seeing your soy curl post on instagram, Joy. They were delicious. I even used a fajita seasoning packet from the store which felt like cheating a little, but it was DELICIOUS!

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