Episode 165: Parmesan casseroles, Election Night Eats, and “Stuff Every Cook Should Know”

Joy's new book--a great gift!
Joy’s new book–a great gift!

This week in food news: The Funfetti Explosion (a topic near and dear to Marisa’s heart.)

What is for dinner? One night recently at Joy’s place it was Cauliflower Parmesan. And wow was it delicious.

We are less than one week out from election night. Marisa is having a pot luck (she’s thinking mac-n-cheese might be comforting enough for the occasion). Joy is in favor of sparkling wine. Too much sparkling wine. (What will you guys be eating/drinking? Tell us in the comments here.)

Joy’s latest book is now out: Stuff Every Cook Should Know. We think it’s the ideal stocking stuffer for people just starting to cook, whether they are recent college grads or people further along in their lives just now getting into the home kitchen.

This week at the market, we’re hitting up Mancuso’s Cheese Shop in South Philly for Italian specialities and fresh ricotta and mozzarella.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 165: Parmesan casseroles, Election Night Eats, and “Stuff Every Cook Should Know””

  1. The whole discussion of Funfetti cracked me up. Funfetti is Duncan Hines while Rainbow Chip is Betty Crocker. At the ripe old age of 34, my birthday cake of choice is still lemon cake with rainbow chip frosting – and rainbow chip and funfetti are two very different animals. A couple of years ago, BC discontinued Rainbow chip frosting for some bizarre reasons, but after two years of people writing them letters, begging, etc., they brought it back. I love homemade cakes & frostings, but there is something so loved and familiar about that rainbow chip frosting…

  2. It’s funny listening to this episode with the election food segment, now that the election is over… My husband kind of had a replica of Joy’s champagne overdose. We ended up listening to NPR’s election coverage alongside our wedding anniversary traditional snacks, consisting of pound cake from Stock’s Bakery (where we got our wedding cake) and French style apple cidre. As the night went on, we kept on eating more and more cake. But because I don’t drink very much alcohol, my husband ended up finishing most of the cidre himself. Our snacks were probably the best part of the night.

    P.S. I’m glad to find out about your book, Joy! It will make the perfect gift accompaniment for someone on my Christmas list.

  3. Love the funfetti conversation – definitely a favorite of mine 🙂 But homemade funfetti IS possible and excellent! One year for a friend’s birthday I did a funfetti cake at his request, but did it from scratch because I was in an absolutely-never-box phase at the time (which I have since gotten over). I can’t recall the recipe exactly but I think it may have been based on this one: http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/03/19/easy-homemade-funfetti-cake/

    It was divine. All the essence and fun colors of the box but so much more flavorful. If you do a cream cheese frosting it really makes it. It definitely more than converted the box mix loyalists and my funfetti loving friends still talk about it.

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