Episode 165: Parmesan casseroles, Election Night Eats, and “Stuff Every Cook Should Know”

Joy's new book--a great gift!
Joy’s new book–a great gift!

This week in food news: The Funfetti Explosion (a topic near and dear to Marisa’s heart.)

What is for dinner? One night recently at Joy’s place it was Cauliflower Parmesan. And wow was it delicious.

We are less than one week out from election night. Marisa is having a pot luck (she’s thinking mac-n-cheese might be comforting enough for the occasion). Joy is in favor of sparkling wine. Too much sparkling wine. (What will you guys be eating/drinking? Tell us in the comments here.)

Joy’s latest book is now out: Stuff Every Cook Should Know. We think it’s the ideal stocking stuffer for people just starting to cook, whether they are recent college grads or people further along in their lives just now getting into the home kitchen.

This week at the market, we’re hitting up Mancuso’s Cheese Shop in South Philly for Italian specialities and fresh ricotta and mozzarella.

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