Episode 164: Michael Pollan, Halloween Candy, and Geno’s Cheesesteaks

As usual, Michael Pollan explains it all.
As usual, Michael Pollan explains it all.

This week, we allocated more time than usual to our “Food News” segment because we wanted to really get into Michael Pollan’s recent story for the New York Times magazine Why Did the Obamas Fail to Take on Corporate Agriculture?”

On a decidedly lighter topic, we talked about meatballs in our “What’s for Dinner” segment. Specifically, how to break meatballs out of the meatballs-and-spaghetti mold.

Halloween is on Monday. We talked candy.

Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia recently made a big change. And we like it.

Finally, at the market we’re buying up all the broccoli right now.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 164: Michael Pollan, Halloween Candy, and Geno’s Cheesesteaks”

  1. Heads up- Trader Joe’s now has broccoli rice! It’s in the fresh refrigerated produce section.

    I love broccoli stems. When we were little and my mom would steam broccoli, she would peel the stems and leave them on the counter for us. My brother and I would fight over them!

  2. On Halloween candy…. we’ve handed out a range of items over the years, from candy to play doh and lots in between. This year it’s mini bags of Pirate’s Booty and gummy candy. My personal PSA is to keep in mind that 4-8% of all kids have a food allergy of some kind, making many of the traditional treats off limits, and alternatives are appreciated by these families (mine included).

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