Episode 166: Tofu, Carbon Steel Skillets, and String Beans

Controversy over Christopher Kimball and his new magazine, Milk Street.

This week in food news: America’s Test Kitchen Sues Chris Kimball

In our what’s for dinner segment, we’re talking tofu. Joy has her eye on this recipe.

Yogurt is such a go-to snack, but maybe we should consider another high protein, toppable, versatile food instead. (Ricotta)

Cooking with carbon steel–like cast iron but more non-stick. Joy was inspired to give this cookware a go thanks to a story in the new Milk Street magazine.

And finally, at the market this week we are buying up string beans.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 166: Tofu, Carbon Steel Skillets, and String Beans”

  1. Hi Joy- you mentioned the nutrition of yogurt compared to ricotta. Were you talking about regular yogurt, not greek? 1 cup of full-fat plain greek yogurt is 190 cals with 20g of protein. I know not everyone loves the tang of plain greek yogurt though. I’m 100% Polish and we love our tangy dairy products 🙂

  2. Hi Joy, I often make ricotta just to use up the milk before it goes bad. I loosely follow the recipe on the kitchn website. You can have it ready in as little as an hour! Right now I have Meyer lemons ready to harvest, so I used the juice from one that I had already zested in the ricotta. So delicious! One way I like to use my homemade ricotta is in your chicken Ricotta meatball recipe. Yum!

    1. I pretty jealous of those meyer lemons. I still haven’t tried this yet, but it is serious on the top of my list. I’m glad it’s worked out for you–especially in those meatballs (my favorite). Thanks.

  3. I picked up Milk Street at Whole Foods on Saturday. If there’s a chance thar magazine folds because of a lawsuit, at least I’ll have my copy! The magazine has a much modern look than Cook’s Illustrated, which I like, and the fact that photos are in color is huge bonus. I wish the tone was a bit more relaxed – at times, Chris and his contributors remind me of political columnist George Will – but I am too excited about the carrot salad recipe to be annoyed.

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