Episode 163: Breaded Chicken, Restaurants, Garlic


A story on the website New Food Economy covered “big food’s” incursion into plant-based foods. Tyson Foods–a major player of the factory farming game–has invested in alt-meat maker Beyond Meat (whose product we talked about back in episode 149

In our what’s for dinner segment, we talk about an all time classic: breaded chicken cutlets.

Dining out–reports from Talula’s Daily, Charlie Was a Sinner, Double Knot, and Mission Taqueria.

We dive deep into the stinking rose–garlic.

At the market this week, we’re buying quince.

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One thought on “Episode 163: Breaded Chicken, Restaurants, Garlic”

  1. My grandma bakes her breaded chicken (or fish!). She uses cooking spray on the pan, lays out the chicken, and then sprays with cooking spray the tops of the chicken. Works beautifully to get a crispy exterior!

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