Episode 157: Cold Soups, Instant Pots, and My Kitchen in Rome

Our summer Cookbook Club pick!
Our summer Cookbook Club pick!

In food news, why are rotisserie chickens so cheap?

In our what’s for dinner segment, we talk up cold soups.

Now that we both have them, we rehashed the topic of the Instant Pot.

We dished about the summer Cookbook Club pick, Rachel Roddy’s My Kitchen in Rome.

And at the market, we are shopping with Primal Supply Meats.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 157: Cold Soups, Instant Pots, and My Kitchen in Rome”

  1. Okay, I also bought an instant pot on Amazon Prime Day, and like Joy I am skeptical of the mac and cheese in a pressure cooker. Please do a whole show on the best ways to use this appliance! I am just an average cook and I feel like I can’t judge between the novelty Instant Pot recipes and the things that are truly best for and made better by the Instant Pot.

  2. Interesting article about the rotisserie chickens. I am a big lover of the chickens, particularly the Costco chicken – they’re always at least 3 lbs, fresh when I pick them up after work, and good for at least 2 dinners. I stop in and pick one up about once a week on my way home from work. I wish they had a cart where you could just pull up in the parking lot, hand them cash and they hand you a chicken, but then it wouldn’t get you in the store. 🙂 Notice they are always in the very back of the store too…

    The part about the salads and whatnot being made up of the produce that had to be pulled is something that I’ve long suspected and fully support. I think that Costco’s chicken salad is likely made from the rotisserie chickens that didn’t sell!

    I am also one of the new IP owners after Prime day. I’ve used it a couple of times so far and have been impressed. This weekend I was making chicken enchiladas for a friend who just had a baby and it was so nice to be able to throw a bunch of frozen chicken in the IP, set it for 7 min, let it depressurize on its own, then immediately moved the chicken from the IP to my Kitchen Aid mixer, turn it on for 30 seconds to shred it and it was done. Could I have cooked the chicken in almost the same amount of time on the stove? Sure. But it was so nice to just be able to put it in the IP and walk away and get other stuff done.

  3. I’ve had my Instant Pot since January and it really is a life changer. My family is very meat-centric (almost Paleo if it weren’t for sourdough toast and homemade jams) and the Instant Pot is now the most used appliance in my kitchen. Just this evening, I made Nom Nom Paleo’s Mexican Beef which couldn’t be easier. NNP has some great recipes for the IP and they’re all really good. I joined the IP Facebook page when I first started using it but became quickly overwhelmed with all the info. I’ll have to check it out again now that I’m used to the machine.

  4. I love the idea of joining the butchers club- they don’t have any pickup locations near me but if they add more, I will join! I’ve been going to the Bryn Mawr FM on Saturdays where Canter Hill Farm sells their humanely raised meat products. I tend to buy whatever’s on sale, it’s fun. Last weekend they had South African seasoned sausage on sale and it was SO delicious!

    Also just finally added the instant pot to my wish list.

  5. I love my Instant Pot! I got it for my birthday in May and I love to use it for pressure cooking, especially for dried beans. I need to try Joy’s brine technique. Joy – just plan on dumping 2 tablespoons of salt into the water and let it sit with the beans overnight?
    I also love making rice in there. I am so curious about the yogurt maker – I hope you guys try it soon since I really trust your opinions!

  6. Hi! For some reason, iTunes wouldn’t let me listen to this great episode so I just streamed it from your site. I am motivated to get my IP out of the box! Thx!

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