152: What’s NOT for dinner, Tiny Tools, Cooking for Love

The tiny spatulas Joy didn't know she couldn't live without
The tiny spatulas Joy didn’t know she couldn’t live without

We are suckers for click bait slide shows, like this one from Good Housekeeping that listed the food fad of the year going all the way back to the 70s. We were especially interested in the foods that were faddish the years we were born.

Instead of our usual segment dedicated to what we’ve been cooking lately, we talked about this things we most cooking the most during the summer, when pots of soups are simply unthinkable.

Recently a pair of tiny spatulas changed Joy’s kitchen life quite unexpectedly. So we used it as an excuse to go over all our favorite small but mighty tools.

As recipe developers, we are often cooking for money. We explore how that differs from the reason we got into this line of work in the first place: Cooking for love.

In our At the Market segment, we talked about the good old Italian eggplant.

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5 thoughts on “152: What’s NOT for dinner, Tiny Tools, Cooking for Love”

  1. I used to really enjoy your podcast, and casual conversations about seasonal food and dishes, but lately there is too much complaining happening. It is not inspiring.
    I hope you can move past it soon.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. It is not our intention to be negative and we appreciate you letting us know that that’s how the show has been sounding to you.

  2. My favorite tiny tool is a set of itty bitty funnels – they are perfect for pouring my homemade bitters into dropper bottles, or hot sauce into a hot sauce bottle, or wine back into the bottle. I also love having lots of little bowls for food prep, especially for stir fry.

    I agree that “reverse SAD” feels like a thing – I’ve been lethargic all month and we’ve barely left the house except to go to work and the farmers’ market. But, I agree with Marisa that the joy of summer produce mostly makes up for the lousy weather. I’ve been fermenting summer veggies, like tomato and corn salsa, and green bean kimchi. Also, we tried some fun savory peach recipes, like peach & burrata pizza, and chipotle-peach quesadillas. Anything with tortillas has been good this month because they barely need any cooking and you can just fill them with veggies and cheese if you don’t feel like cooking meat (and you can add your homemade fermented salsa!). And of course all the summer veggies are so easy to just throw on some pasta with minimal effort. Not food-related, but Joy, do you still do StitchFix? I found that that cheered me up as well.

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