151: DNC Dining, Going without the Grocery Store, Tomatoes

Local tomatoes are here!
Local tomatoes are here!

Next week, the democratic national convention will descend on Philadelphia. And all the media outlets want to tell visitors where to eat. We talked over The Washington Post’s picks.

In our What’s for Dinner segment we talked about the merits of a classic Italian pairing, pasta and legumes. Joy is a fan of this recipe.

We went out of our usual subject area a bit to discuss the intersection of food and beauty. It isn’t a very far jump from scrutinizing food labels for artificial ingredients to looking at what’s in your shampoos and lotions, too. This discussion was inspired by one of Joy’s new favorite podcasts, Fat Mascara, which is all about beauty products and not about food at all.

We talk a lot about meal planning, but sometimes we don’t make it to the grocery store. What happens then? We share strategies for living off your pantry, fridge, and freezer supplies.

Tomatoes are starting to pop up at our farmers’ markets, and it’s one of the best things about this time of year.

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2 thoughts on “151: DNC Dining, Going without the Grocery Store, Tomatoes”

  1. Already listened, great episode!

    I have a request- on Friday I’m hosting a “farm fresh”-themed potluck picnic. Each dish must include at least one homegrown fruit or veggie or one you got at the farmers market. My problem is I want to make everything! Do you ladies have any recommendations for a lovely summer dish? I go to a few FMs in the city so I have a lot of good produce to choose from. Thanks!

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