152: What’s NOT for dinner, Tiny Tools, Cooking for Love

The tiny spatulas Joy didn't know she couldn't live without
The tiny spatulas Joy didn’t know she couldn’t live without

We are suckers for click bait slide shows, like this one from Good Housekeeping that listed the food fad of the year going all the way back to the 70s. We were especially interested in the foods that were faddish the years we were born.

Instead of our usual segment dedicated to what we’ve been cooking lately, we talked about this things we most cooking the most during the summer, when pots of soups are simply unthinkable.

Recently a pair of tiny spatulas changed Joy’s kitchen life quite unexpectedly. So we used it as an excuse to go over all our favorite small but mighty tools.

As recipe developers, we are often cooking for money. We explore how that differs from the reason we got into this line of work in the first place: Cooking for love.

In our At the Market segment, we talked about the good old Italian eggplant.

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