Episode 127: Frittatas, Beloved Cookware, and Our New Cookbook Club Pick

Marisa enameledcastiron
Marisa’s tower of cookware

SomeĀ restaurants are eliminated tipping. We talk about whether we think this is a good thing or a bad one. We also talk about our own tipping habits and why we have them.

We sing the praises of the frittata, the Italian omelette that is so good at absorbing all your leftovers and get dinner on the table fast.

Our favorite cookware includes pots and pan both cheap and expensive, including Le Creuset, Lodge cast iron, Rachael Ray, and Sitram. We talk about the specific features we look for when shopping. Marisa confesses to a cookware problem.

We’re excited to unveil our new cookbook club pick for February: The New Persian Kitchen by Louisa Shafia. Joy suggests you start with the date shake recipe.

We’ve schedule our first cookbook club pot luck event. Mark your calendar for March 20 watch/listen for details.

At the market, we’re buying full fat, plain organic yogurt. We tell you why.

4 thoughts on “Episode 127: Frittatas, Beloved Cookware, and Our New Cookbook Club Pick”

  1. I’m super excited to start cooking through this month’s cookbook pick! I’m especially jazzed about the date filled cookies, the turnip beet pickle, and the turmeric chicken.

  2. Marisa’s tower of cookware is amazing. I definitely did not picture it as large in mind as you guys were talking! Thanks for posting the photo!
    I think I’m going to have to get my hands on this cookbook ASAP. I love those flavors, but man I can’t stand peeling pomegranates! šŸ™‚

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