Episode 128: Curries, New Orleans, and Kristina Erfe Pines

Spoonful magazine editor, Kristina Erfe Pines

First We Feast published a story about problems with the food media and we had points of agreement and disagreement.

Homemade curry. Joy took a class about Cambodian curry paste and made her own with a mortar and pestle. She talks all about her experience and about the benefits of fresh, homemade curry pastes in general.

Marisa went to New Orleans for the first time–she talks about her food and drink favorites there. She also explains the food company Zatarain’s (who hosted the press trip she was on) influence on the food culture there. She ate at Justin Devillier’s restaurant Le Petite Grocery and had a celebrity sighting there.

Joy interviewed Kristina Erfe Pines about her beautiful new lifestyle magazine, Spoonful. She told us all about the first Spoonful community event that will take place here in Philadelphia. And she teases some topics that readers will see in Spoonful’s summer issue.

What are we buying at the market this week? PA grown Bluefoot mushrooms.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 128: Curries, New Orleans, and Kristina Erfe Pines”

  1. Oh I am in love with curries! I am late to the game on those, just figuring out their wonder in the last year or so. I haven’t made my own paste yet, as I’m a bit intimidated, but I think it must be worth the effort. Also thanks for the heads up on the proper name for those limes. I had no idea and now I will be sure to use the correct term.
    That article is very thought provoking. There is a lot to it, but I wholeheartedly agree that some recipes really just don’t work. It’s disappointing and frustrating to the home cook to invest time, money, and effort into a recipe, follow it precisely, and find it’s a loser. I try to only use trusted sources, but sometimes I fall prey to it. I’m also over the whole “best EVER” trend. I mean, honestly, how many chocolate chip recipes can be the best ever? I also think once you start to label things as such, you are almost setting yourself up for disaster because one person’s soft cookie is not a crispy cookie fan’s favorite.
    And the lists I think play on the Fear of Missing Out vulnerability in people. If you don’t try these 25 AMAZING restaurants in XYZ city, you are missing out. Again, I think people may be disappointed if they have a not near perfect experience at one of the best places as it was decreed.
    Wow, maybe I wrote too much here. That must have touched a nerve. 🙂 Thanks again for the podcast. It really is my favorite and I love listening on my way to work. Best!

  2. Glad you like my Instagrams! This winter I’ve been filling in for Primordia Mushroom Farm’s usual market hand on Saturdays at the Clark Park Farmers’ Market. (In fact, I’ll be there this weekend with both Valley Milkhouse artisan cheese AND Primordia mushrooms!)

    Primordia is unique because the farm is a small family-run operation in Berks County rather than a large grower like the ones concentrated in the Kennett Square area. I’ve been doing so much more with mushrooms in my kitchen since I started helping out at their stand. It’s great to have familiar fungi like creminis and portobellos available year-round side by side with rarer varieties like lion’s mane, golden or pink oyster, and maitake. I’d love a visit from the Local Mouthful ladies sometime!

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