Episode 141: Birthday Special

rainbow birthday cake

Both of us have our birthdays this week! So we wanted to make a special episode on the theme of food and birthdays.

We cover:

  • Childhood birthday favorites
  • All the birthday cakes we’ve ever loved
  • Celebratory restaurant birthdays
  • Pot lucks and other homemade birthdays
  • Take-out birthdays
  • Birthday dinners for two at home
  • Food related birthday gifts (For Joy’s cast iron pan birthday story, you need to go listen to episode 127)

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5 thoughts on “Episode 141: Birthday Special”

  1. Yay for May birthdays! I am May 3rd! Happy birthday to you both! I loved all of the birthday traditions and memories! Enjoy your days!

  2. Happy Birthday ladies! I’m just catching up with last weeks episode on my day off here in The Florida Keys.

  3. Belated birthday greetings to you both!

    I loved Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes as a kid. I’d get the one that was shaped as a yule log since my birthday is so close to Christmas, with peanut butter fudge ice cream.

    My partner and I have gotten a little tired of blowout meals for birthdays – knowing we’re going to be spending that much money can be stressful. Instead, we’ve switched to blowout meals at home, where we each cook for the other person on his/her birthday. The person with the birthday will pick out something super special and elaborate from a favorite cookbook or Pinterest, and the other person will do the cooking. Earlier this year for T’s birthday I copied a meal from Bistrot La Minette and made oeufs en meurette and boeuf bourgignon, and selected some fancier-than-usual cheeses from Di Bruno Bros for a cheese course. So that’s been fun. We still go out, too, but try to pick something more affordable but still special, like Victor Cafe.

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