Episode 120: Frozen Vegetables, Cooking for Comfort, Chinatown


Has indie coffee been swallowed up by corporate coffee? According to this recent story in the LA Times it sure has.

Frozen vegetables. Joy shares her favorite (unexpected) frozen vegetables. You will need to listen to this episode to learn the surprising frozen vegetable even restaurant chefs rely on.

We talk about the kinds of food we cook when we need to be comforted or when we need to care for others.

We compare notes on our favorite places (and must-have menu items) in Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

And finally, we talk about the brightest spot of the darkest season of the year: Citrus fruits. Marisa discloses her source for Meyer lemons: The Lemon Ladies.

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One thought on “Episode 120: Frozen Vegetables, Cooking for Comfort, Chinatown”

  1. Hello Joy and Marisa:
    I really enjoyed this episode. It felt very real and timely.

    My favorite food to take to friends for comfort is banana zucchini bread. It can be hard though…I have so many friends that have a diet restriction (no gluten, no sugar, no nuts, etc.) that it can be a challenge. Sometimes I resort to a basket of fruit or whatever is fresh from the garden. For new moms and their family I try to provide something they can eat right away and something for the freezer. Most recently this has been taco filling (for the freezer and with all the fixings), soup, and frozen sweet potato burritos.

    Aimee at simplebites.net has a couple of great posts for sympathy meals and new mom meals. Just search for them.

    Definitely, the most important thing is to do something and worry less about how it will be received. I try to remind myself, even if it isn’t the most convenient food or something they were really hungry for, at least they know that I care and was thinking of them. And, it is definitely okay to ask questions, “what are you hungry for?” “would _____ be something you could eat”. I try not to spend to much time in a tizzy wondering if what I’m doing is ideal and just do it. Thanks for you hard work on the podcast. I am enjoying it very much. If I ever travel from the Pacific Northwest to Philadelphia, I will know where to eat for sure.

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