Episode 119: Casseroles, Edible Gifts, Holiday Drinks

Marisa’s Tomato Jam from Three Springs Fruit Farm is just one suggestion from this episode’s gift guide. Photo courtesy of Albert Yee.

Chris Kimball is out at Cook’s Illustrated and Dana Cowin has moved on from Food & Wine. We try to make sense of these seismic shifts in food media.

We also talk over the topic of classic casseroles. You don’t actually need a can of condensed soup to make one!

Here are our picks for our favorite store-bought edible holiday gifts:

We also chat about our favorite festive holiday drinks.

Marisa schools Joy about Fromage Blanc.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 119: Casseroles, Edible Gifts, Holiday Drinks”

  1. I’m still binge listening to the backlog of episodes after my maternity leave from everything last summer. And still loving it.

    I would add super-fancy Luxardo cocktail cherries to the list of decadent foods appropriate for holiday giving. They’re $20/jar at my local wine & viddles place. And the same at W&S. I tried canning my own. First, a bottle of Luxardo costs $35. And then I accidentally left my bottle at our family lake house after can-cation and had to buy another bottle when I got home. After spending $70 on the booze, the end result was good, but not awesome. Live and learn.

    I also like to gift locally made, small-batch craft syrups. In Indianapolis, my favorites are Wilks & Wilson and Sage’s.

    And yes to CK : Cook’s Illustrated. They are one thing in my mind.

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