Episode 361: Butter Chickpeas, Walnut Lentil Pate, and Celebratory Food

In food news this week, Epicurious quits beef. (Here’s that article Joy wrote about regenerative cattle ranching that she mentioned.)

In our What’s for Dinner? segment, Marisa is cooking up butter chickpeas.

In our How’d You Make That? segment, Joy’s got walnut lentil pate.

In our Wildcard segment we talk about this month’s food celebrations: Mother’s Day and Marisa’s and Joy’s birthdays.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s asparagus.

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One thought on “Episode 361: Butter Chickpeas, Walnut Lentil Pate, and Celebratory Food”

  1. Marisa mentioned using cooked dried chickpeas in the Butter Chickpeas recipe (which calls for canned). Just wondering how she cooked those for the recipe. Thanks! And happy birthday to you both!

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