REPEAT: Breakfast Special

Hi friends! Life got the best of us this week and we weren’t able to record a new episode for you. So we’re throwing back to the past and repeating the breakfast episode we first recorded in 2016 (we need to redo this topic, because our breakfasts have changed A LOT).

We hope you enjoy this throwback and we’ll see you next week with a fresh show.

5 thoughts on “REPEAT: Breakfast Special”

  1. I found the eggs-with-kimchi/sauerkraut discussion fascinating because I have been enjoying eggs with sautéed red cabbage for a couple years now. I love them with leeks and a couple over-easy eggs. The cabbage-leek combo is also great with pierogis for a quick dinner. I just made scrambled eggs starting with a cold pan and wow, that is a great little trick! Thanks for sharing. I would love updates on whether Joy and Dan still always have breakfast together and whether Marisa still has multiple waffle irons. P.S. I loved this episode (had no idea it was a repeat) and excited to learn this series exists!

  2. I hope both of you are okay. I second Margaret. I really enjoyed this episode and would love to hear an update for all meals!

  3. I look forward to an update, especially with Joy being egg-free now.

    We enjoy special weekend breakfasts! One day will always be oatmeal with lots of fixings. I prefer savory, so my oatmeal is topped with soy sauce, sesame oil, chile oil, kimchi, scallions, and furikake seasoning or sesame seeds. (I think spicy breakfast goes great with coffee!) My husband tops his with nuts, maple syrup or honey, and dried fruit. The second day, my husband has eggs and I whip up some scrambled tofu or some other egg alternative. For my scrambled tofu, I often mix in leftover takeout sauces or other clean-out-the-fridge ingredients. I look forward to it all week!

  4. Had my homemade sauerkraut (red cabbage and apple) with poached eggs on sourdough toast for lunch today. Yes, a TASTE REVELATION! Loved it. Thank you from the UK.

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