Episode 362: Eggplant Parm, Crispy Mushrooms, and the Freezer

This week, in food news: I’ve Been a Waiter for Almost 35 Years and I’m Proud of It

In our “What’s for Dinner?” segment, Marisa’s got baked eggplant parm with tofu ricotta

In our “How’d you Make That?” segment, Joy is making crispy mushrooms.

We talk about all the old and new ways we use our freezer space these days.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s Pizza Plus in South Philly.

4 thoughts on “Episode 362: Eggplant Parm, Crispy Mushrooms, and the Freezer”

  1. First I found your podcast during quarantine. Love the ideas that inspire me to change up meals in our house. I’ve always cooked, but who doesn’t need a change up from time to time. I’ve made besan cheela, some great soy curl recipes (did you know someone made a Facebook Soy Curls group?!?) and starting making migas again after listening to the episode that talked about chiliquilles.

    In your discussion of freezer ideas- something I do that you didn’t mention is when opening a can of tomato paste put the leftovers into a freezer bag, flatten and freeze. I know Dan would object to the bag, but maybe a reusable bag- I reuse these plastic ones since they are always in my freezer for a burst of flavor.
    I can break off as much or as little as I want. I also do this if I open chipotles in adobo- I take out some of the seeds since not all family members like it really hot and throw the rest in my small blender and make a paste. It lasts me a long time frozen into a little sheet.

    Herbs can be done the same way or some like dill can be frozen whole and use a sharp knife to shave off the amount I want. I think you mentioned ginger (I just grate it frozen and add a little extra because I don’t find the flavor quite as strong.)

  2. Crispy mushrooms! I know you are an Isa fan so, if you haven’t already, check out her quick easy shiitake bacon. It’s part of a risotto recipe in Isa Does It, but it has become a topping of choice on many things.

  3. Freezer use and vegetable broth: Keep a 16 oz cottage cheese container in your kitchen freezer door. When done with veg food prep pull it out and scrape the cutting board scraps into it. Return to freezer of course. 😉 When it’s full it’s time to make stock. Keep a second one for chicken leg bones.

  4. I make a similar eggplant. I slice it long ways into steaks. I brush with garlic & herb olive oil and let marinate. Grill till soft snd charred. I top with tomato sauce any kind and top with vegan provolone if I can get it – it’s deliciously smoky. Any vegan cheese will do.

    Any leftover grilled eggplant make a great baba ganosh.

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