Episode 360: Swedish “Meat”balls, Miso-honey Salmon, and Food Routines

This week, in food news, guess which food habit raises your risk of early death by 50%.

In our What’s for Dinner? segment, Joy makes Swedish tofu balls.

In our How’d you Make That? segment Marisa is cooking up miso and honey glazed salmon.

We talk about some of the food routines and habits that bring us joy.

And in what we’re loving, it’s the iconic goldfish cracker.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 360: Swedish “Meat”balls, Miso-honey Salmon, and Food Routines”

  1. Hi! I can’t see the new episode, I’m wondering if there is something wrong with my podcasting app! 🙂

  2. All praise the goldfish!! Honestly – when I had kids, we started keeping them in-house again and I couldn’t believe that I had gone without goldfish for so many years!! Though I disagree with the Goldfish v. Cheez-It … I’m always gonna be a “fishy cracker” kinda gal. Cheez-Its have always been a bit too salty for me!

  3. Hi both,

    Just wanted to point out that the study you mentioned in the podcast episode polled people who ate 2 or more restaurant meals every day, not every week as discussed in the episode.
    Thanks! Love the show.

    1. thanks! I was just coming here to note that!
      Phew, I feel better about my restaurant-takeout-when-I-just-can’t-cook-again

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