Episode 345: Chickpea and Dumpling Soup, Eggless Egg Salad, and Veganuary

In food news this week, we talked about Kroger’s list of the top 10 trending grocery items of 2020.

In our What’s For Dinner? segment, Joy is very much into this Chickpea and Dumpling Soup.

Marisa’s making her own version of Toby’s tofu pate, loosely based on this recipe. Here’s what she uses:

15 oz. extra firm tofu
2 ribs celery, finely minced
2 Tbsp. parsley leaves
2 T dried minced onion
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1 tsp. Prepared mustard
2 tsp. nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp. turmeric

And in our wildcard segment, we’ve got tips for Veganuary if you are giving that a go this year. (Check out Joy’s plant-based inspo board on Pinterest.

And in what we’re loving, it’s definitely the just-opened South Philly Food Co-op!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 345: Chickpea and Dumpling Soup, Eggless Egg Salad, and Veganuary”

  1. Loved today’s podcast and I agree that the pod coffee systems can be a nightmare but they are perfect for a single coffee drinker who doesn’t consume coffee a pot at a time.
    Not all single pod coffee systems create mounds of plastic that cannot be recycled. The Nespresso system pods are metal and can be sent back to the manufacture for recycling for free.
    My mother uses the popular Keurig system and I was able to convince her to use the refillable pods. Now she is happier because she can brew the coffee she prefers and saves money too.
    Can’t wait to try the tofu “egg” salad.

  2. I have personally transitioned to buying more pre-shredded cheese during the pandemic than I did pre-pandemic. I used to avoid it because, as Joy said, it’s easy enough to shred your own cheese. (Also, they put some odd substance on the shreds to keep them from sticking together.) But the convenience factor really helps on busy days, especially now that I’m cooking 98% of what I eat. I was a little surprised that heavy whipping cream was one of the most-purchased items, although I buy this a lot more than I did pre-pandemic, mostly to make desserts and whipped cream for desserts. I am curious about which items — if you aggregated across brands and sizes — were most popular. Probably eggs, bagged greens, cheese, and frozen potato products?

  3. Thank you for the Toby’s recipe. It’s the closest vegan option I’ve found to the egg salad I crave! I subbed cress for the the parsley because that’s what I had, and used kala namik, which has a bit of sulfur to it, for the salt. So good!

  4. I’ve never understood big batch cooking, to be honest, unless you plan to eat a lot of salads. Is there something I’m missing here? (also, I don’t have a microwave, so that might make batching less attractive?)

  5. Thanks for recommending the chick pea and dumpling soup! I like nutritional yeast but don’t use it as much as I’d like to so this was a new use for me and I will make it again. I used canned chickpeas and thanks to the Cool Beans cookbook I learned to save the liquid from the canned chickpeas (I now use this to make the red bean and rose brownies from his book) and this leads me to ask about aquafaba – I haven’t heard you two mention this on your podcast before and am wondering if you save this liquid and if so, what you do with it. Would love to hear you two talk about this on an upcoming podcast!
    And by the way – your weekly podcasts are a real joy for me to listen to – I look forward to each week’s episode and listen while I take a walk – thanks for continuing to offer them during the pandemic.

    1. I haven’t done much with aquafaba to date but I want to learn. I have a couple of containers of frozen chickpea liquid but they’ve been there a while. I really want to try this take on s’mores that friend of the pod and “Queen of Vegan Desserts” Fran Costigan posted on Instagram but I don’t know how to make aquafaba cream!

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