Episode 346: Scallion Pancakes, Haluski, and Current Cooking Crushes

In food news this week, have you read about the intriguing mystery of the great bucatini shortage?

In our What’s for Dinner? segment this week, Joy tells you about her adventure in scallion pancakes. Here’s some inspiration:

In How’d You Make That? Marisa walks us through Haluski (aka Polish cabbage and noodles)

In the Wildcard segment, Joy and Marisa love on their current cooking crushes.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s steel cut oats in the rice cooker.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 346: Scallion Pancakes, Haluski, and Current Cooking Crushes”

  1. Bucatini works well in baked pasta recipes like spaghetti pie or mac & cheese. I make pastiisio with the version of bucatini I find in Greek groceries. It has a much larger center hole than the Italian versions and is stunning when slices are served.

  2. So glad you both are doing well and still going strong! I love my weekly listen. I do two bucatini dishes that could easily be vegan. First, I make a cross between arrabbiata and amatriciana sauce–no pork, but I thinly slice a huge onion and use Aleppo pepper and a can of tomatoes. I usually add in pecorino at the end, but you could vegan sub that. Likewise, in the new Ottolenghi book (and recipe is online all over) he does a za’atar cacio e pepe that could work with that sunflower oil instead of butter and a nutritional yeast (or another parm/pecorino sub)

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