Episode 334: Breakfast for Dinner, Apple Butter, and Favorite Gadget

This week in food news, we’ve got a report from The Counter: Good public-health news, for once: Far fewer kids are “heavy drinkers” of sugar-sweetened beverages than in the early aughts

In What’s for Dinner? this week, we’ve got Breakfast for Dinner.

In How’d You Make That? Marisa talks apple butter.

In our Wildcard segment, we talk current favorite gadets.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s Carolina Gold Rice.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 334: Breakfast for Dinner, Apple Butter, and Favorite Gadget”

  1. Sooooo… I have not even listened to the whole episode. But, I had to stop and comment ( side note I have been too busy to jump on Patreon meetups and it sounds like I am missing out on some great stuff). The Vitamix food processor container. YES, they just came out with it and I sooo WANT!! But the catch is you have to have the E series base ( which I don’t have!! I think it would be amazing to eliminate an appliance for people who don’t have the space!! I can’t wait to hear feedback on this item!! Marissa or Joy, I think you need to work a deal to try this one out. It is $199. This is the link!! https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/shop/food-processor-attachment

    Ladies, the episodes are never long enough!! I enjoy listening while I sew ( right now I am making a bunch of Roman shades)!! Love you both to pieces!!

    1. Hahah! I am glad you were fired up enough to pause and comment 🙂 Thanks for the link. Thanks for the love, Beth. Hopefully, you can join us this month. I’m posting the date soon (hopefully today) look for that notification.

  2. Marisa, I love the stories you share about your mom. I can relate to so many of them, including how you described the absence of sugary drinks growing up. Kool-aid was a rarity in our house let alone pop! Thanks, too, for the Shepherd’s Pie suggestion. I appreciate your summary of the ratios of meat/flour/liquid.

  3. Not on topic for this episode, but I want to thank you for talking about shaking tofu a couple of times on the podcast. I’ve made it twice now, and it really is amazing!

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