Episode 330: Roasted Tomato Sauce, Breakfast Sandwiches, Spices

Breakfast sandwich with Just Egg and vegan sausage on an English muffin

In food news this week: An Israeli-created culinary streaming platform hopes to become Netflix for cooks via The Times of Israel

In our What’s for Dinner? segment, we’ve got pasta with a slow-roasted tomato, leek, and Calabrian chili sauce and make-ahead kale caesar.

In our How’s You Make That? segment, it’s all about breakfast sandwiches.

We go through our spice cabinets and habits this week.

And in our What We’re Loving section, it’s chocolate sorbet.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 330: Roasted Tomato Sauce, Breakfast Sandwiches, Spices”

  1. A few years ago in late August I came up with my sheet-pan tomato sauce because I just couldn’t process all the fresh veg coming in from my garden and CSA share. I take about 2 lb tomatoes (or whatever I need to use up) cut them in half and put them on a sheet pan. To that I add an onion (peeled, cut in halves or quarters), a carrot or two (cut in chunks), a zucchini/squash or two (cut in chunks), and a few garlic cloves (unpeeled). A few glugs of olive oil on top, toss with hands to makes sure everything is coated. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Roast around 390-400 degrees for an hour or so until the non-tomato veg is brown and soft, tossing once or twice. Leave it to sit (in or out of oven) until you’ve got 10 minutes to squeeze tomatoes and garlic out of their skins and throw with the rest of the veg into a blender/food processor/bowl with immersion blender. (I can imagine adding some fresh basil or oregano at this point.) Blend until smooth and freeze in freezer bags or quart mason jars. (I freeze the jars just like the bags, this is no time to be processing!) In the middle of winter this is perfect for lasagna, any baked pasta dish, or spaghetti and meatballs. You might want to add an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce if it’s not quite enough or you want to thicken it up. It has saved me from composting many, many pounds of fresh produce I just wasn’t going to get on the dinner table any time soon.

    Also, I was curious to hear that your local breakfast sandwiches don’t seem to include meat? Around these parts (rural western Massachusetts), it’s always either bacon egg and cheese or sausage egg and cheese. Almost always on an English muffin. Always wrapped in foil (marked BEC or SEC so you know what meat you’re getting) to be grabbed from the gas station convenience store. Where I grew up in Connecticut it was usually on a bulkie roll which is also delicious, but I prefer the English muffin.

    1. That sheet pan tomato sauce sounds like a terrific strategy for using up surplus veggies. It sounds pretty tasty, too. I love the idea of throwing some zucchini in there. I would say breakfast sandwiches with meat are just as common as those without. But even in my meat-eating days, I always opted for egg and cheese. But lots of people go for bacon egg and cheese or sausage egg and cheese, too!

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