Episode 321: Pesto, Chilaquiles, and Weight Loss


In food news this week we’ve got 59 Black Food Experts To Know & Learn From — Nutritionists, Chefs & More, via Mind Body Green

In our What’s for Dinner? segment Marisa’s having pesto pasta with broccoli.

In How’d You Make That? Joy has been cooking up chilaquiles.

In today’s Wildcard segment, we’re talking about the sensitive topic of weight loss. Joy is finally ready to tell you about Weighless, the unconventional weight loss program she did three years ago. Enrollment is open now and Local Mouthful listeners will get a discount if you use the code localmouthful when you sign up. If you have questions for Joy about it, email her at joy at local mouthful dot com!

In What We’re Loving this week, it’s kholrabi!

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10 thoughts on “Episode 321: Pesto, Chilaquiles, and Weight Loss”

    1. It’s one of those “banned” words that editors circulate and food writers are supposed to avoid!

      1. Not yet! I find silken tofu a little hard to come by. I made some homemade soy milk in early pandemic days and in turn used that to make homemade silken tofu, which was really good. But a lot of work, and it didn’t keep well. I wonder if firm tofu would work almost as well?

  1. I know you are both fans of his book, but if you haven’t yet tried Joe Yonan’s recipe for black bean chilaquiles, I highly recommend. I am not a food writer so I can say it: Yummy! Also, from the list of black food experts referenced, one vote here for Bryant Terry’s book published earlier this year (Vegetable Kingdom) – it’s excellent

    1. Thanks for mentioning that–I must have sort of skimmed over that recipe when I was going through the book! But now I am going to seek it out!

  2. Joy I just bought ingredients for the chilaquiles sauce in Almost Meatless, it looks fantastic!

    1. I haven’t made that in so long I kind of forget what it tastes like 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

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