Our Patreon Program

Marisa & Joy

At the Local Mouthful podcast, we’ve been sharing home cooking inspiration, recipes, ideas, and tips since 2015. 

We’ve heard from you listeners out there that you’d like a way to support the podcast. With your support, we could do more to bring the home cooking community together.

A revenue stream would make it possible for us to create recipe collections, upgrade our website, plan in-person and online events, and more. 

We’ve never worked with ad networks or sponsors, and we dream of being a listener-supported project. That’s where you come in.

We’ve started a membership program via Patreon. Here’s the deal: Become a member for $5 a month. As a special perk, we’ll schedule a monthly members-only coffee hangout on Zoom.

We’ll get together to talk about all things food and home cooking. Bring your home cooking questions for us to help you trouble shoot. Ask us for more details about something we mentioned on the podcast. Give us feedback on the show or suggest topics for future episodes!

It will be fun. Join us here.

Thank you for listening and considering becoming a member.

Joy & Marisa

3 thoughts on “Our Patreon Program”

  1. Is there a way I can support the podcast without using Facebook? Maybe Venmo? Or some other option?

  2. I’ve also been having trouble feeling like cooking, and a large part of it is – I agree – the change in grocery shopping. We’ve mostly just been relying on delivery, which means I plan and shop a week at a time, and that just gets boring/tiring/to be a drag. Marisa, your nachos idea last week was the most inspiring food thing I’ve heard in a bit! I plan on having them tonight

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