Episode 315: Alison Roman, Potato Gnocchi, and the Quarantine 15

Roasted Rhubarb

It appears that Alison Roman has been dethroned as food high school prom queen and we have some feelings about it. Do you?

In What’s for Dinner this week, Joy triumphs over potato gnocchi. If you are looking for a reliable recipe, this is the one she tried.

And in How’d You Make that, Marisa tells us about a very simple and barely sweetened approach to roasted rhubarb.

And in our wildcard segment, we talk about the so-called “Quarantine 15.” It seems a lot of people are gaining weight during this mess. We tell you whether we are or not, and why.

And finally, in what we’re loving, it’s Flying Monkey, where Marisa recently got a birthday cake.

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9 thoughts on “Episode 315: Alison Roman, Potato Gnocchi, and the Quarantine 15”

  1. This week’s episode was one of your best ever. I found this podcast searching for food podcasts hosted by women. For one thing, much of the male-produced food media I consume tends to have a more technical lens and there is always the opportunity for mansplaining, plus I just wanted to hear someone “like me” talk about food the way my friends and I do (but elevated by your expertise). I love that you both hold your own as experts with sometimes differing approaches or opinions. I related so much to what you had to say about the AR controversy, from my first impressions of her when she rose to prominence to my gut reaction to her “take down” (I am a home chef, sure, but not even in the running to be a columnist or cookbook author… gonna take that one to my therapist). I think you speak so honestly about race, gender, and age when these topics arise and I am glad you acknowledge these complicated questions because they are on my mind, too. I guess this gets to the heart of the differences I described above– I can read about “how to” cook anywhere, but Local Mouthful is uniquely introspective about how food fits into our relationships, homes, and communities. Anyway, consider this a big thank you for making the show you make, you are amazing! P.S. Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook is awesome… I haven’t made anything from it yet but it’s funny and the recipes look great! Has either of you read it or made any of her recipes?

  2. Well, Margaret, I am weeping at my desk right now in gratitude for your kind words. This is exactly why we keep making this podcast. I’m so glad you found us! When we decided to start making it, we focused on creating the podcast we wanted to listen to ourselves and that remains true to this day. I agree that the recipes in Chrissy’s book look incredible. (And I know they are reliable–the incredible food writer Adeena Sussman worked on them with her.) But I haven’t made any either. They are mostly pretty indulgent!

  3. Hi Ladies! Just wanted to say I had no idea who you were talking about at the beginning of the podcast, BUT I do a happy dance each time I pull a recipe out of my “file” (um…pile) and see Joy’s name on it. I use Marisa’ books year round! In my house, you both are infinitely more successful than what’s her name. I so love the work you both are doing and thank you so much for doing it.

    1. Thank you so much for that perspective. I really appreciate you sharing it! It is so great to hear.

  4. Thank you for another wonderful episode! I am excited to try the instapot risotto you both mentioned loving. Is there a particular recipe that you could link to? Thank you and take care!

    1. Hi, Dawn! The kind I make is sort of a mash up of ones from various instant pot cookbooks! If I get it written down at some point, I’ll make it available! Thank you!

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