Episode 314: Taco Salads, Asparagus, and Stay-at-Home Shopping

We’re back!

In this episode, we tell you where we’ve been. (Spoiler alert: Nowhere.)

Joy shares her boil-steam-glaze method tasty asparagus and other vegetables.

We talk pandemic grocery shopping.

In What we’re loving: Meladuco Dates

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10 thoughts on “Episode 314: Taco Salads, Asparagus, and Stay-at-Home Shopping”

  1. Great to hear you two again!! I also love these dates! Today, I ordered a monthly shipment of ago and fruit from a farm in California! What’s the name of the source for nuts again, though?

  2. thanks for doing this episode! It was really nice to hear from you, and I hope it was equally rewarding to chat with each other. take care

    1. Kate, thank you so much! We’ve got another new episode coming this week–we’re really trying to get to an every week schedule. Thank you so much for hanging in with us [HEART EMOJI]!

  3. Great to hear you guys again. Marissa, take care with those boys! They are absolutely stunning. And Joy, so very glad to hear from you and I checked out the Chefshop.com. 🙂 Be well and be safe, both of you guys. Love your podcast.

    1. Thank you so much June! I really appreciate hearing from you and I know Marisa does, too. I hope you got the spicy toasted corn for ChefShop.com! That stuff is the best … if you like hot snacks.

  4. So happy to see you guys back. Joy, after listening to your shallow-boil technique, I did it last night with carrots. I added butter, a little maple syrup and a bit of TJ’s garlic aioli mustard. YUM!

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