Episode 313: Meal Planning in Chaotic Times with Debbie Koenig

Debbie Koenig

For this week’s episode, we invited Debbie Koenig, creator of The Family Plan email newsletter, which includes weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and other cooking wisdom.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 313: Meal Planning in Chaotic Times with Debbie Koenig”

  1. Hi Joy! Glad you and Marissa are doing well! I listened this morning to this episode but something seems to be wrong with the audio. It’s as if it’s out of order in some places and all three of you are speaking at the same time in other places.

  2. Just checking in since we haven’t heard from you in a while – you two are missed! Hope you and all your family are healthy and well. Topics I think you should cover – eating from your pantry and your freezer, easing into a non-reliance on meat for dinner (a natural for Joy) and daily Pure Joy Eats.

    1. Thank you for checking in, Martha. We needed a minute … but we’re back! Love these suggestions, too.

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