Episode 312: Pasta, Jam, Grocery Strategies

Pasta: the official food of coronavirus

In food news this week, we discuss the widely reported flour shortage.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Joy’s making pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

In How’d You Make That? Marisa explains how to turn your frozen fruit into jam as well as your runny jam into granola.

It’s been a weird time for grocery shopping, yet we all need to eat. We share some things that are working for us right now.

And in What We’re Loving, it’s all about iced coffee in the afternoon.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 312: Pasta, Jam, Grocery Strategies”

  1. Hello Friends! We have been making a ton of pasta from scratch since we’ve been staying home. I did not have a huge stash and it is consistently sold out. I’m afraid we are spoiling ourselves because it’s so good. I had bought a 25 pound bag of bread flour in January so I’m fine there, but I don’t have a lot of oatmeal. I’ve wanted to make Marisa’s granola, but haven’t been able to get oatmeal yet. I’m in the Portland Metro area like your parents, Marisa. I haven’t been able to find a good grocery/food delivery place here either. Been shopping at chain grocery stores, very carefully. Glad to hear everyone is well and doing the best they can.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for keeping on and continuing to provide such great inspiration and tips in these interesting times!

    I haven’t been in a store in a while either, relying — as I mentioned last week — on Philly Foodworks, Primal Supply Meats, and V Marks the Shop pick-ups for me and for my parents (who also live in South Philly).

    I am so lucky to have a thriving herb garden in my Lower Moyamensing backyard with four varietals of thyme and also four types of rosemary, chives, bronze fennel, hyssop, (as well as volunteer lemon balm everywhere). Mild winter = no need to make trip to Greensgrow yet, though I will be making a curbside pickup there soon.

    Marisa, I just ordered Food in Jars and Preserving by the Pint to be shipped to me from Fante’s. My friend Rebecca make a gigantic batch of your tomato jam every summer, though I had not had a copy of your books yet.

    Speaking of Fante’s, I have been loving the Bee’s Wrap that they sell! I wrap energy bars in it, use it to cover partially used pieces of fruit and vegetables. I also have a larger one that should work for covering bowls. Great to reduce waste … and also trips to the store or online orders of plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, non-stick pan lining paper, etc.

    — Steve

    1. Oh no! I just got a message from Fante’s that they will not be able to ship until they re-open. I thought they would be able to keep their online activities going. (I also had a number of other things in my cart in hopes of supporting them.) I’ll be buying a gift card instead to use in-store when it re-opens.

      Do you have any non-Amazon recommendations for online book sales (that would carry Marisa’s titles)?

  3. I was lucky and was able to stock up on King Arthur whole wheat flour, white whole wheat flour & yeast a couple of weeks ago. On top of this crazy pandemic, my husband & I also just moved to a new state and needed to re-stock an empty pantry… what timing.

    If looking for pasta, I moved from Pittsburgh near to where DeLallo is based. Their website sells a ton of great Italian food products for cooking–tomatoes, sauces, risotto rice, & other supplies along with pasta, of course. I ordered a bunch of their whole wheat pasta a couple of weeks ago to tide us over. Their shipping was maybe a little delayed but everything still made it to us wrapped and in great condition!

    If you’re looking for Marissa’s books, I know Fillmore Container sells them and even had a few of the older ones in the clearance section 🙂 They’re a great supplier and certainly worthy of support in this time!

    1. Thanks, Megan!

      As it turns out, Fante’s contacted me to say they would be shipping them next week.

      Thank you so much for letting me know about Fillmore Container! I’m putting together a favorites list of jars and bottles I am looking to order. Plus, I just noticed that they sell candle-making supplies, too.

  4. Hi again all, if anyone is still looking for flour, I was just able to order white whole-wheat flour and semolina flour for pasta yesterday (Tues 4/21) from nuts.com . It seems like they also have a good selection of beans & legumes, grains, etc. available to purchase. Not all of the quantities may be available (have to order 5lb instead of 1lb, etc.) but hey, I’ll take it! 🙂

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