Episode 311: Pizza Bowls, Marinated Chickpea Salad, Quarantine Cooking

Pizza bowl with kale rabe, roasted mushrooms, and farro

In food news this week, we talked about Eater’s article: Restaurants Won’t Survive without a Bail Out

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Joy shares the recent Pizza Bowls she made.

In How’d You Make That? Marisa tells us about her Marinated Chickpea Salad.

In what is probably the first of a series of segments, we talked about how social distancing, infrequent grocery shopping, and limited supplies are affecting our own home kitchens.

And in What We’re Loving, Joy loves tart cherry juice.

4 thoughts on “Episode 311: Pizza Bowls, Marinated Chickpea Salad, Quarantine Cooking”

  1. Thanks for another fantastic episode! It’s so nice to hear your voices in these interesting times.

    Yay for Mighty Bread! I picked up a walnut raisin loaf from them on Tuesday. They are adding some other items, including milk, eggs, and oj. (I need to get my order in right at noon today before stuff sells out.) I also picked up an order from Primal Supply Meats, and it was spooky to walk into their South Philly store with its empty cases.

    I have placed online orders that I’m picking up from Philly Foodworks and V Marks the Shop on Friday. I’m looking forward to (very briefly) seeing the folks there, but it’s weird just picking up food and running without the socialization part. I also miss wandering around food stores looking for new products.

    I’m always really good with keeping things clean and sanitized in my kitchen (ServsSafe certification FTW). I’ve become even more so recently. I had bought some canned goods at ShopRite, and I put them in the sink and doused them with Noble Surface Sanitizer (from Webstaurant.com, designed for commercial use).

    It’s good to know that Three Springs is offering the sour cherry juice now. I need to pick some up to mix with selzer! (Ha, I was typing the word selzer just as you said it, Joy!) Let me know if you have seen the juice anywhere other than Headhouse.

    Thanks, too, for the EdiblePhilly.com reminder. These days, I read very few words on paper. My only paper magazine arriving at my after deciding not to renew my New Yorker subscription is Cook’s Illustrated. Though I do read every paper issue of EP. It’s always adds an extra element of fun to my trips to Primal Supply and other spots when I see a new issue.

    Keep on doing the wonderful work you do. Having friendly, informed voices coming over the ether into our homes is more important now than ever!

    1. Thank you Steve! We really appreciate the kind words. And double thanks for going out there to try to keep our local food ecomony alive! Maybe I’ll see you in the Mighty Bread line! They have certainly been keeping me in carbs.

  2. Thanks so much for continuing to do these! Non-news podcasts are even more refreshing than usual. I grew up in Delaware, moved around the US a bunch, and now live in Amsterdam, so having this connection to home has been nice.

    Joy, I went to Edible Philly’s website, and it appears to be all about Oysters/Christmas. Any idea when the new issue will be up?

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