Episode 310: Corona Virus, Dry-fried Tofu, and Heather Marold Thomason

In food news this week, what else could we be talking about? Coronavirus.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Joy tells you the absolute simplest way to prepare tofu.

In How’d You Make That? Marisa walks us through homemade tzatziki.

We have a guest today: Heather Marold Thomason from Primal Supply. She talks about running a food biz in the middle of all this madness.

And in what we’re loving it’s Castle Valley Mill cornmeal.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 310: Corona Virus, Dry-fried Tofu, and Heather Marold Thomason”

  1. Hi friends! I’m in the Portland (Oregon) metro area. This past week has been surreal. I mentioned to my son it felt like the Hunger Games…each evening the government gave us more bad news. This past week we have seen school closures extended through April, bars and restaurants ordered to close, and all elective veterinary, dental, etc. procedures that use personal protective equipment ordered postponed until June 15. I am a veterinarian and have still been going to work each day. We are having to get very creative as you can’t always have the recommended 6 feet of space when working with animals. Now we have to weigh each procedure using gloves against the pain and suffering of the animal.

    On the home front, I have tried to resist the pull to buy, buy, buy. I actually have a lot of food in the house just by my nature and the fact that I’m a canner. The hardest part for me has been my community’s social media. Most of it is good and supportive, but there are many folks who are not being kind. Trying to find the balance. I’m also struggling with my kids, 11 and 13. They’re home with my hubby all day who is working from home. I often come home from work and find them still in pjs, plugged in to the screen and all they’ve eaten is cereal and potato chips. Trying to balance that with folks who have written out beautiful at home school schedules and post all these projects they’ve completed while home with kids, while I’m not home with them. Again, trying to find balance. Yesterday I didn’t have to work and did normal things: planted some seeds, cleaned out flower pots, pulled weeds, hung clothes on the clothesline. (At least Oregon’s nice spring weather is helping, but that’s about to change.)

    Thank you for making such a delightful podcast!

    1. Thank you for this lovely note from Oregon. I think we’re all trying to find the best balance we can in this crazy time. We really appreciate your listening and dropping us a comment. Hang in there–and keep cooking!

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