Episode 309: Baked Beans, Sunflower Ranch, Homemade Baby Food

Carrot sticks with sunflower ranch.

In food news this week, Joy received an IACP food writing award nomination. If you’d like to read the nominated story, click here.

In our What’s for Dinner segment this week, we’re both going crazy for baked beans. This recipe is the closed I could find to what we made!

In How’d You Make That? this week, it’s all about ranch dressing–sunflower ranch dressing that is.

Marisa’s babies are eating more and more and she’s gotten into cooking for them, of course. She tells us what she’s been making.

And in What We’re Loving, this week, it’s Stardust Powder.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 309: Baked Beans, Sunflower Ranch, Homemade Baby Food”

    1. I know–it can be a bit challenging and often involves prep on the front end. I try to always have carrot sticks, hummus, a dip like sunflower ranch, a homemade or store bought vegan cheese, homemade or storebought vegan cheese, whole wheat crackers etc. That way when we’re making dinner and Dan breaks out his wedge of cheese for a snack, I don’t feel deprived or left out!

  1. Baby food tip.
    When I was starting to feed my kids solid food, I did a lot of reading and one piece of advice I followed was to start with vegetables before fruit. Like everyone, when your taste buds get used to sweet food you want more of it. So it’s easier to get them to eat the vegetables if they dont have the sweeter fruit first. I started with pureed peas and carrots. My kids lived both. Then did sweet potatoes too. Thrn started into cooked pureed apples, etc.
    I would make the purees in my food processor and freeze in ice cube trays to start, then small 4 oz. containers once they ate more.
    People always comment that my kids are good eaters. Some is luck, some is work and perseverance. 🙂
    I found a great book with creative starter recipes, but i don’t remember the name. It was many years ago (15-18). Good luck!

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