Episode 301: Greens, Squash , and DIY Seitan

I can’t believe it’s not chicken.

In Food News this week, Gritty has been sculpted into butter at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. (Get your Gritty fun fix here.)

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we’re talking leafy greens.

In How’d You That? Marisa explains her roasted kabocha soup.

Joy is on a quest to master the weird world of seitan. Check out that chickwheat recipe she mentions here.

And in What We’re Loving this week, it’s all about Oatley Ice Cream.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 301: Greens, Squash , and DIY Seitan”

  1. Hi!

    As you were wondering about the source and final destination of the butter in the PA Farm Show butter sculpture, according to this article on PennLive — https://www.pennlive.com/entertainment/2017/01/butter_sculpture.html :

    “The butter is donated for the sculpture by a Land O Lakes plant in Carlisle, and is judged unfit for human consumption. Following the Farm Show, it will be converted into biofuel.”

    And here’s more fun PA Farm Show butter sculpture info from PA Eats: https://www.paeats.com/news/2020/pa-farm-show-butter-sculpture-facts/

    While Pennsylvania doesn’t have an official state fair, my hometown is host to the yearly Bloomsburg Fair — https://bloomsburgfair.com/ — which is the largest of its kind in PA and definitely worth a fall trip to Columbia County. Sadly, in my 22 years living in Philadelphia, I’ve only gone once.

    Steve Taylor

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